International Perspective

In recent years the Federal Association of Design Review Engineers – Bundesvereinigung der Prüfingenieure für Bautechnik e.V. (BVPI) – gained international reputation by common and unflagging effort.
Advises and expertises of the Design Review Engineers are demanded from colleagues, building authorities, approval and supervision bodies and standardisation organisations on four continents.

It is the common spirit of the international community of structural and fire protection design review what BVPI is looking for and the profound understanding of the responsibility for the safety of the built environment, which allows national and international perspectives to merge.

In order to promote and establish the German standards of design review as a reliable benchmark in a globalized world, European and international cooperations are essential.

The BVPI is therefore engaged in European standardisation committees and international associations e.g. Consortium of European Building Control (CEBC), Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety (CROSS), Inter-jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee (IRCC).

Furthermore BVPI developed an international approach, laid out in issue 57 and special edition 2020 of the Associations semi-annual journal "Der Prüfingenieur".
It is to present the German system of design review engineering and improve communication about human error within the community of structural engineers.


The Design Review Engineer

Design review engineers are experienced professional civil engineers who help to prevent risks in connection with the structural integrity and fire protection of buildings, by providing professional support and supervision.

Qualification and Recognition

Design Review Engineers are approved and accredited by the supreme building control authority. Candidates are required to demonstrate their professional qualification in a multistage examination procedure.

Tasks of the Design Review Engineer

Main task of the Design Review Engineer is the independent technical verification of construction projects according to the four-eye principle.


The Design Review by technically and economically independent and chartered Design Review Engineers in combination with a strong building authority has been proven successful in Germany for almost a century.